The Therapy

The aim of the existential-phenomenological therapy is to:

  • Encourage clients to re-define their existence, their values and beliefs, and to reach a deeper level of self understanding and self awareness.
  • Help the clients to become more authentic and honest with themselves and with their relationships with others.
  • Encourage clients to acknowledge and to act on their freedom and talent.
  • Help the clients to come to terms with their past experiences, to heal past traumas, and to learn the lessons the of their past.
  • Help the clients to realise the abundant potentiality of their present situation, and to begin using the resources available in the present.
  • Aims to assist the clients in their search for the the meaningful direction in their existence.

In my approach I help clients to explore one’s existence on four existential dimensions: physical, psychological, social, and spiritual. On each existential plane we will contemplate the main themes of existential therapy: death, freedom, existential isolation and meaninglessness:

Physical dimension
In exploration of the physical dimension we will examine relationship to the physical body and to the physical surroundings. The general issues that arise on the physical plane are concerned with bodily health and appearance, possessions and mortality. Often our personal identity and emotional well-being are tied up to how we feel in and about our bodies. Thus we will consider finding the balance in current eating habits, exercise regime, drug and alcohol consumption, and will explore the tensions between the desire to be youthful and healthy, yet having to cope with illnesses and old age.

Another important aspect of this work will centre on the emotional tension that every-body holds when experiencing distress or trauma. Every discomfort in our life is recorded by the muscular memory that is slowly accumulated, and the rigidities that can become deformations not only in our bodies but also in our behaviour. Therefore we will do a considerable work on resolving the bodily and emotional tensions by using a technique called Focusing where by directing our attention to the location of the tension or trauma, we can to release long held pressure. We will also identify and develop the methods that can help to self-sooth, ground, and find relief from physical pain and emotional discomfort.

Social dimension
On the social dimension we will explore relationship to others, the way one experiences culture, class and race. In modern society the group dynamics are ranging from competition and desire for dominance to compliance and blind following. The desire to belong can lead to sacrificing individual needs and personal freedom. Equally the rejection of the social standard can lead to rebellion and isolation. Therefore by exploring the choices we make in social and family environments we can facilitate the responsibility (response-ability) that enables to find and to own a new place within the social and family realms. We will also question deeply embedded stereotypes in order to gain new perspectives, and broaden the horizons of social engagement.

Psychological dimension
On the psychological dimension we will explore relationship to oneself and the way one sustains personal world. We will explore to what one is holding on to, and unable to let go of. We will look at self-perception, personal expectations, perceived weaknesses, anxieties, emptiness, all of which will be our source for transformation. From the existential perspective there is no idea of a substantial or solid self, but our identity is a fluid process of becoming, therefore we will identify and remove the obstacles that limit present process of becoming the person one wishes to be. We will also identify hidden talents, and will uncover and connect to everything that can bring joy and aliveness. I also use different Mindfulness techniques to teach the person how to stay present and to reach mindful awareness without grasping for repetitive and habitually distractive thought patterns.

Spiritual dimension
On the spiritual dimension we will explore the ways of creating meaning and purpose in one’s existence. ‘Spiritual’ does not necessarily means religious or spiritual dogma, but the plane of the existence where one tries to come to terms with the reasons for being. Thus here we will discover and engage the higher values and connections available, and we will contemplate the void and nothingness as a part inherent in the human condition.

The given framework is by no way a fixed or rigid structure, but a source of reference that is tailored specifically for each person. Trained as Phenomenologist means that I approach each individual and each personal history with openness, where the clients are experts of their existence who will educate me about their personal dynamics. Just as no one will ever experience the other as he or she truly is, I do not feel I have a right to give the answers for how to be. I am here to encourage, share and support the process of unfolding, and it is by giving this authority back into your hands, I believe you can truly meet yourself, heal and develop anew.